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Star Wars Rebels?

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Star Wars Rebels? Empty Star Wars Rebels?

Post  catrulerz Wed 27 Aug 2014, 4:04 am

Hi there.

Will there come up a section of Star Wars Rebels soon?


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Star Wars Rebels? Empty Re: Star Wars Rebels?

Post  Delmar Nori Tue 09 Sep 2014, 6:02 pm


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Delmar Nori
Delmar Nori

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Star Wars Rebels? Empty Re: Star Wars Rebels?

Post  dmeluzio22 Mon 06 Oct 2014, 5:32 pm

Spoiler Alert- I mention stuff that happened in the first Rebels episode....FYI
I watched the Rebels Spark of a Rebellion movie and loved it. The direct closer conection to A New Hope is what really does it for me. The music was more original triology oriented, multiple characters had close connections to Ralph McQuarrie's concept art. I loved it. I loved Clone Wars yes.... but there was something really cool about seeing Tie Fighters and Stormtroopers again.

On the droid side I REALLY liked seeing the droids that looked very similar to the original IG-88 concept drawings. They had a very Droid World (the read along book) feel to them also.

Here is a link to what they looked like.

The next episode has 3PO and R2 in it. That should be cool.

I also liked the baby Wookie. Reminded me of the noises Lumpy made in the Star Wars Holiday Special. As an old school SW fan I really enjoyed it. A great combination of what appeals to my 10 year old son but also stuff that appeals to a 40 year old.

I am also a Star Tours lover. I read that a RX droid appears in an episode. That would be awesome. If we see a Starspeeder 1000 or Ewoks I will go nuts!

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Star Wars Rebels? Empty Re: Star Wars Rebels?

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